Dirge Faces

*All faces are a general idea of kinda what I have in my head when I think of my characters. These are not exact representations and all my characters are completely fictional, based in no true reality or on any one person/personality.

Wane Series

Wane Character Faces pg1 Wane Character Faces pg2Wane Character Faces pg3Wane Character Faces pg4  Wane Character Faces pg5

Future Series (some ***!SPOILERS!***)

Future Character Faces pg 1 Future Character Faces pg 2 Future Character Faces pg 3

Past Series (some ***!SPOILERS!***)

Past Character Faces pg1 Past Character Faces pg 2

Witches and Angel/Demons

witches greyed (eh)

the kindred boys the kindred girls

the sprites (and sisters) the guardians the misdeedsthe imps the protectors the keepers

Other Stories in the Dirge World

The Transgression FacesViceno Trilogy Characters Faces


I am working on drawing my characters so they are a bit more cartoony but these pictures are kinda who I see in my head when I write my Dirge Series stories. Check out the Dirge works here!

werewolf family tree werewolves speices tree

half demon family treehalf demons speicies tree

part human species tree witch-half human family tree

vampires family tree  vampires speicies tree

Dirge World Family/Species trees

Family Lines (I will be making a pic board of this info soon)

Dalahid: Zarek, Iram, Saren, Kaden, Naseem, Jaren

Tathe: Tameron

Graye: Jevin, Jorma

Wyes: Hardwin, Deo, Roan, Tennison

Mysset: Fane, Camden

Balam: Rhett, Heston

Gedding: Tate, Tiran, Tobian

Ayde: Boden, Cogan

Kinge: Rayce, Laila, Zuri, Wyler

Evingar: Nasser

O’Hely: Mar, Innes, Lachlan, Zonathon, Mari, Efrat, Renenet, Brayden

Canamrahge: Nye, Riel, Loben, Myra, Bahai, Iona

Plunket: Marisol, Kordilia, Lilibeth, Sutton, Enola

Kerdiffe: Dryden

Basnet: Xatric, Nevan

Millet: current Precursor

Species Tree (I will also be making a pic board of this info soon)

Vampire: Zarek, Zuri, Saren, Kaden, Wyler, Cogan, Nasser, Bahati, Camden, Nye, Naseem, Xatrick, Nevan, Boden, Rhett, Heston, Riel, Loben, Rayce, Laila, Iram, Myra

Lycan: Mar, Innes

Witch/Warlock: Marisol

Witch/Human: Kordilia, Lon, Lilibeth, Enola, Sutton

Demon/Angel: Hadraniel, Sariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Paschar, Micah, Michael, Ariel, Cassiel, Uriel, Zuriel, Tabbris

Half Demon: Hardwin, Vala, Deo, Roan, Tiran, Tobian, Fane, Tameron, Dryden

Half Human: Jevin, Jorma, Jaren

Vampire/Lycan: Zonathon, Lachlan, Mari, Efrat, Renenent

Witch/Demon: Tennison

Witch/Lycan: Brayden

Future “Species”,semi-subsets

Bred Lycan: Kace, Jett, Titus, Vernona,Finn, Xandra, Darby

Bred Vampire: Tinsely

Bred Demon: Deene(fire), Amil (ice), Asha (ice)

Free Born Lycan: Chislon, Von, Toivo

Free Born Vampire: Knox


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