Where to find me and your favorite characters

Welcome to the Dirge Series!

In this world of fiction, legends and myths are given reason, monsters given personalities, and symbols for hope are twisted for profit and selfish glory. All this is embedded in true emotions and uncomfortable situations, where her characters are forced to make drastic choices to survive.

Follow me down the rabbit hole where the weird meet the unexpected in a world where wild things not only go bump in the night, they roam freely. This is a world that is carried through centuries, infusing Earth with an unending heritage of magic and science.

Welcome to The Dirge Series, where nothing makes it out alive.

The Dirge Series will be a continued series in many forms. You will find your favorite characters in short stories, novellas, and books so keep an eye out for new content and free sneak peaks!


Find me at all these fun places!

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The Dirge Series is dedicated to you!!! For just being here in the first place! 😉

Thank you, Vash Venture, for being my everything!

Thank you, Yen Ooi, for being a badass!

Thank you to all my beta readers and reviewers! You have helped me leaps and bounds!


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