New start, new things coming! Until then, venting ahoey! ;)

Hey everyone,

I will be changing some things around so please feel free to email me with problems or suggestions! Until then I will be semi promoting but more so explaining where things are going with the Dirge Series and what is in my head, which will be our North star in the end.

I am super excited to get back into writing the Dirge world. I am spending this time working on getting my cover skills better so I can up my visual game. I think it is working.

Right now I am kinda spiraled from the actual real world, it is so broken, like it always is. People are so selfish and short sited. People are so rude and non miraculous. And yet people refuse to see other people as people. Le sigh. No more venting, just a small grrr.


… or read a book or go outside, etc.