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grimm (prelude to hook saga)

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 little bird

Find Ligeia in her later years… Amazon-Buy-it-button

What You Will Not See

Meet Zarek at the beginning… Amazon-Buy-it-button

fortune cover

5 stars!!! “Another good story from Rio! Great attention to detail and dialogue throughout the whole book. I really felt immersed and absorbed into the world the deeper I got into the book. The wild settings were described well, and I could easily picture the different scenes in my mind as I read. There was good character development as well, by the end of the book I really felt attached to them. I was also surprised to see how long this book was (estimated 84 pages on Amazon), with 8 lengthy chapters, the value for your money is definitely there! Anyone into fiction stories with a little bit of violence and romance (as hinted by the book cover) would probably enjoy this book.” Noel

Fall for the D… Amazon-Buy-it-button

isn't he lovely with border

5 stars!!! “I love how these stories seem to start before you get there and go on after you leave, like you are a guest arriving to a new friend’s party that was already in full swing and you can only stay a few minutes. In this book, a demon prepares to leave his family. Rio’s other-worldly novellas are intense and mysterious like a girl at the party. You have to go but you want to keep watching her dance, and all to soon it’s over.” Dan Alatorre, author of the Savvy Stories series

Meet Roan… Amazon-Buy-it-button

one little kiss with border

5 stars! “Once again we delve in to the eerie fantasy world of Rio and her Dirge series. Like a prose poem, the story of a young vampire and his tortured soul unfolds as he is imprisoned away from his true love and slowly descends into madness. Venture has created a truly dark and mysterious world in this series, where the reader absolutely never knows what to expect next.” Dan Alatorre, author of the Savvy Stories series

Finally feel freedom… Amazon-Buy-it-button

brathair with border

5 stars! “A brilliant piece of macabre werewolf fantasy. Before death takes him, a werewolf considers his life and its losses, his suffering and pin, but also something else. A deceptively layered and dark tale in true Rio form.” Dan Alatorre, author of the Savvy Stories series

Meet a founding member of the Dirge World… Amazon-Buy-it-button

incarcerated with border

5 stars! “Rio does a wonderful job drawing the reader into the emotions of the characters. And even though its a short story it opens your mind up to a world of imagination and you long to know where Wyler ends up. And the darker side of me wants to know exactly what kind of torture tactics take place but very well written and very imaginative. Definitely not the typical tale and can’t wait to read more” Loves to Read

5 stars! “Rio takes us once more into the dark realm of vampires and other demons. In this tale, the imprisoned vampire begins to go insane. Venture’s unique writing style and pained, tortured dramatic characters are engrossing. Her stories of this other world are great entertainment.” Dan Alatorre, author of the Savvy Stories series

Learn more about Wyler… Amazon-Buy-it-button

why do we fall with border

5 stars! “A deceptively complex take of a werewolf preparing to meet his maker but the end does not come so easily. Rio has once again weaved her strange and mysterious world into a dark tale of angst and horror.” Dan Alatorre, author of the savvy Stories series

Get back up… Amazon-Buy-it-button

getting to know you with border

5 stars! “Darker than the other stories in the series that I’ve read so far. “Getting To Know You” details a near-demonic killing spree and a few other deaths. As always with a Rio story, there is the vibrant writing style that allows the characters to be their full blown dramatic selves. This one took a dark turn toward gruesome, with no tears for the victims – as expected.
Rio is taking horror to new levels. Her Dirge series is bound to be a bestseller soon.” Dan Altorre, author of the Savvy Stories series

5 stars! “The book description is right on. Best not to threaten the son of this waring vampire/blood. Great action and dialog, internal arguments of the main character tell some of the back story. This is an entertaining read.” WC Quick, author of the Beneath the barn Series

4 stars! “Of all this author’s short stories I enjoyed this one the best. Specifically the very first paragraph. Great hook with enough interest to capture my attention. I wish the author would stick with this style of writing. I saw where she was going with this story and hope she sticks with this more of this writing.” Author Jamie Cirillo, author of Friends in High Places

Get to know Royce and say goodbye… Amazon-Buy-it-button

the message with border

5 stars! “We fall and run together in this tightly weaved and intimate story of escape and perhaps redemption. Ms Venture is on my favorites list of Indie writers.” WC Quick, author of the Beneath the Barn series.

5 stars! “Freedom comes at a cost in this bewitching story. Be careful what you wish for. Another passionate, dramatic and dark tale from Rio’s Dirge series. More poetry than prose, Venture’s characters leap off the page and carry you into another world.” Dan Alatorre, author of the Savvy Stories series

Hear the Message… Amazon-Buy-it-button

forged with border

5 stars! “Another of Rio’s characters meets his end remembering his life. But as the final curtain closes, the Horseman of Conquest, a false angel of love and warrior looks forward to the arms he will be in hen he does.
Another intricate piece of the mysterious tapestry Venture has created.” Dan Alatorre, author of the Savvy Stories series

5 stars! “Rio’s terse prose is wound up tight and unravels right before your eyes. Her elusive characters are like our own dark shadows. The sometimes brutal imagery is finely juxtaposed (Ha! Got to use it in a sentence) against some very delicate emotional tension. A very fun read.” Eric

5 stars! “Another wonderful and dark tale of life relived and a love that will never be forgotten.” Jackie Pirtle

Travel far from the beginning… Amazon-Buy-it-button

ligeia with border

5 stars! “Excellent dialog and an intimate style that I am beginning to appreciate more every time I read her work. This is one embraceable mother witch.” WC Quick, author of the Beneath the Barn series.

5 stars! “Rio warns us to set aside the world we know and immerse ourselves in hers. That’s what happens here in Ligeia, as a witch begins to cause havoc on the poor souls who happen to wander into her path. You embrace the story and yet you are still outside until you let go and just let Venture take you wherever she wants. Enjoy this mysterious fantasy journey. It’s like a painting that you like but know you just don’t fully understand, but you have to keep looking.” Dan Alatorre, author of the Savvy Stories series.

Learn a mother’s love… Amazon-Buy-it-button

fangs with border

5 stars! “Excellent short horror, bloody and intimate from the first person telling. I will enjoy reading more from this indie author.” WC Quick, author of the Beneath the Barn series.

5 stars! “A unique-perspective horror story as a witch reminisces about the humans she has killed while preparing to devour a young girl. Rio delivers again in an eerie, dark world of demons and vampires and other creatures that do pretty much whatever they please. Each segment has its own elements, drawing the reader into a mosaic of macabre delight.” Dan Alatorre, author of the Savvy Stories series

Feel a witches fangs… Amazon-Buy-it-button

when we can't run with border

5 stars! “Passionate and complicated characters, a juicy bit of writing, I am eager to read more about the world in this series. And great cover art.” WC Quick, author of the Beneath the Barn series

4 stars! “Ms. Venture creates a beautiful story of Saren, a prodigal son, who tries to fill an existential emptiness through debauchery. Is the unconditional love of the father enough for Saren to become a true hero? The author wisely allows the question to linger in the reader’s mind.” Alethea Eason author of the Hungry series and Heron’s Path

5 stars! “Enter a whole new world. Rio has created an alternate reality with her unique characters (vampires, demons, etc) and takes you on a sexy, dangerous ride. There is a son trying to earn respect from his father, and an age old conflict between them about what it is to be a adult. A truly intriguing short story.” Dan Alatorre, author of the Savvy Stories series

Learn to crawl… Amazon-Buy-it-button

dirge short stories volume one with border

5 stars! “I have my favorites in the mix, miss Venture writes in a free and personal style I love, she warns me that everybody dies, tough love. I cannot wait to read more of this world.” WC Quick, author of the Beneath the Barn series

5 stars! “Crazy fun read! Great characters fill this magical world of short stories. Entertaining and well written, perfect if you love Science Fantasy or Sci Fi.” Jane Austen Fan

5 stars! “Rio is earthy, raw and real as she seduces her reader into a beautiful world of extravagant delicious horror – read it – then you’ll understand.” Mike Klump

4 stars! “Although I’m partial to Vampires and magic, I don’t tend to be pulled into the horror world very often. In fact, most stories that are consumed with hysteria and killing due to the madness from within usually turn me off. But Rio’s mix of description with killing while also leaving a lot of room for imagination sucked me in immediately. The story “Fangs” grabbed me and I was hooked. Ligeia was the only part that I could not get into, until the end, of course. The only disappointment for me is once I got into them, they ended and left me wanting more. But for the author, that’s a good thing. I might have found myself a new genre to start opening up to. I look forward to the release of the novella “Fortune”.” Zen

4 stars! “The author of the Dirge Series has done an amazing job of telling the story from the dark side. So often we’re reading from a heroine’s point of view and in these stories the villan’s are the heroines. It’s new and fresh to read from that point of view. After all, we all want to be the bad guy sometimes, right? By far though, my favorite part of these stories was the first paragraph in Getting To Know You. This read like a poem and caught my immediate attention like no other part of the stories. I wish the author would dive into that storyline more as it was my personal favorite. I think this author is on her way to becoming an incredible fantasy writer and look forward to reading more from her!” Author Jamie Cirillo, author of the book Friends in High Places.

 5 stars! “Wonderful stories with characters that pull you into the imaginative world. Cant wait to read more!” Jackie
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