Dirge Glossary

Dirge Series Time Line

Wars and Battles


Bloodshed of Armenia

  • 1167
  • Zarek’s father quest for blood, him first fluxing and going blood crazed on his own accord, taking power by eating and bleeding his way through the blood world
  • His taste for torturing werewolves and hunting them started not long after

The Dalahid Crusades

  • 1248
  • Went after humans too as reply to Inquisitions
  • Zarek not born yet

Witches’ Rancor 

  • 1484
  • All creations are dismantled save the two that no longer have an owner, The Sisters
  • “cover” was applied to the bloods, things not magical cannot track them

The First Son’s Campaign

  • 1513
  • Zarek taking over and trying to reign the populace in
  • Created the Ansars during and sodalities after
  • Gave his leaders land and sodalities to be in charge of
  • Brought the Quietus to the surface of the blood world/harry potter style

The Inquisition Wars

  • 1629
  • The beginning of the bloods solid feud wit the bloods and put the bloods in the lime light for existing


The Red Crusades

  • 2025
  • Sutton’s start of her conquest of all of north America

Conquest’s Assault

  • 2035
  • Sutton unleashes Hadrainel on the rest of the world, very few survive

Battle of the Unfounded

  • 2172

Freeing of the Favored

  • 2175

War of the Kindred

  • 2176

Hadraniel frees himself

  • 2204 (2035)

Creation’s Edge

  • 2378

Books and Novellas

 Fortune 2450

Transgression 1684

Viceno 436 ce

Valiant 1467

Assemblage (way future) 48,765 ace

Wane 1-6 2020-2024

Wax 1-3 (future series) 2076

Unfold 1-3 (continuation of future series) 2212

Hotel California 1977


Short Stories

 Ligeia 538 bce

Never saw it coming 1, 2, 3 1457, 1535, 1642

Fangs 1712

Getting to know you 1743

One Little Kiss – 1770

Brathair – 1808, 1797, 1679, 1556

Why Do We Fall – 1882

When We Can’t Run – 1887

Incarcerated – 1912

Isn’t He Lovely – 2020

Yeah, well – 2020

One the inside  -2022

The Message – 2205

Forge – 2327, 2202, 2105


Important Events

Roan joins Sodality – 2020

Kaden is found – 2020

Zonathon leaves – 2020

Roan leaves/captured – 2021

Quietus find/ go for witches (book 2) – 2021

Roan and Deo’s family killed – 2021

Find Zonathon again – 2021

Quietus create new creatures (?) – 2021

Enola, Sutton, Verona captured (book 3) – 2021

Sutton is now Precursor’s witch (book 3) – 2021

Saren and Cogan go overseas (book 3) – 2021

Sutton takes over Precursor (book 4) – 2022

Roan escapes/kills captures – 2022

Riel kills Jevin – 2022

Enola&Brayden escape – 2023

Sutton dismantles Quietus – 2023

Sutton forms new group 2024


Births and Deaths

 Zonathon 1794-2035

Kaden 1756-2035

Wyler 1742-2025

Saren 1737-2035

Cogan 1753-2035

Roan 2004-2198

Nasser 1823-2035

Jevin 1824-2023

The twins

Lachlan 1795-2450

Mar 1414-1808

Innes 1417-1808

Zarek 1286-1888

Zuri 1482-1888


Nevan 1673-1888

Xatrick  1670-


Royce 1436-1743

Current Precursor

Enola 1710-2035

Sutton 1711-2378

Mari 2023-

Brayden 2023-

Efrat 2025-

Kace 2085-

Renent 2025-

Jaren 2021-


The Dirge World “Rules”


  • Most know bloods exist but most don’t know they are everywhere
  • Easily bred with bloods
  • Do not need to drink blood
  • No not have fangs
  • Are usually not drank from


  • Can’t be in the sun for more than a few seconds or so, moonlight is touchy
  • Must drink other (vampire preferred) blood once a month
  • Can transfer (move across long distances)like teleporting
  • Some clans grew to read minds, see the future, or make sonic noise
  • Upper fangs


  • need blood to live longer but most don’t know it
  • otherwise do not need to drink blood
  • powers drive them slowly insane always
  • double voice, used for chanting spells
  • upper, small fangs
  • using blood magic can create “beings”, giving aspects of a demon a body, unlike half demons that are bred and only keep a certain aspect from the real “demon”


  • creatures from ancient times, connected to nature, elemental based
  • Bred with humans to create half demons
  • Taught old humanity how to survive, how to change using elemental based magics


  • shape shifting to large wolf
  • ran as packs and on all fours, changed over time to the split for cold nighttime purposes
  • can be in the sun if full blood
  • mental communication/tie to the pack
  • must drink blood once every couple of months (if not hunting as wolf regularly)
  • top and bottom fangs

Half Demons:

  • ice, fire, transfer, shifting, telekinetic
  • big top fangs
  • must drink blood every couple of months based on power usage
  • lines a very pure without incest and bred for traits

False Angel/True Demons:

  • double top fangs
  • double voice for elevated noise and crowd control
  • can transfer,
  • have “wings” so can fly
  • do not need to drink blood, but they thirst for it more than most
  • made from dark blood magic
  • only answer to their creator or someone in that bloodline

The Quietus:

  • humans founded around the 1400’s inquisitions, found real witches around the 1600’s inquisitions
  • One precursor at a time, usually for over 300 years
  • precursors have a witch with them at all times
  • all quietus workers have longer than human lives
  • precursors have extra long lives, stealing life from their witches
  • have armies of creatures created through torture and brainwashing
  • use science, money, and power to keep going
  • no clear idea of the power within witches
  • unable to see past their goal of destroying all bloods to see how to reach it

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